Brewing beer is a more complicated process than some people may think. There are several steps in the brewing process to make beer that tastes good.

When brewing beer the barley needs to be malted to help release the starches. The grain will be steep and this process will take several days to complete. The grains can then be broken apart. Following this process is mashing and then there is the boiling. This is all part of the brewing process making it more complicated than most people would think.

There are also different types of fermentation that is included as part of the brewing process. This is often where the beer gets its flavor based on the type of barrel or another container where it is allowed to ferment.

Since brewing beer is a long process other methods are being used. Homebrewing kits are becoming popular where a person can make their own beer at home. This process is simplified and there are many different flavors and strengths that a person can choose from. The entire brewing kit is then sent to the home and a person will be able to make their beer.

The brewing industry is a global business and more than 133 billion liters of beer are produced a year. The annual revenue for this industry is over $294 billion and millions of people enjoy their beer. The biggest company in the world is SAB Miller followed closely by Anheuser Busch. While there are many smaller companies these are the two main ones when it comes to brewing beer. There were some restrictions on brewing but due to the popularity, many of these restrictions have been lifted. Now a person can enjoy some brewed beer and do not have to worry about the industry drying up anytime soon.