Say Goodbye in Style with Custom Headstones

A gravestone, on which you indicate the name, date of birth, and demise, becomes a mark of their life. It is part of their new resting place and serves as a reminder of the gone members. Therefore, choosing a headstone is no easy task. You can select the type you want from various styles and colors and customize the burial monument.

Upright Headstones

An upright headstone is a grave monument, usually in tablet-style, and mainly has a granite base. They come in different sizes and shapes. These monuments could also consist of limestone and marble.

Upright monuments come in two main types:

Single- these have a larger height compared to the width

Double- these gravestones are wider than they are tall

Flat gravestones

Flat gravestones are usually at grass level. You can get these flat gravestones in different styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your preference. Usually, they have a polished granite finish that retains a beautiful and eye-catching quality, despite the constant attack from elements.

The flat gravestones, placed where the head lies, highlights the importance of your loved one, and with a customized design, can maximize the view of visitors.

Slant Gravestones

These gravestones are a popular design featuring a broad base, which becomes smaller towards the top. You can create an unforgettable memorial tribute with a unique shape and design using the material of choice.

The design of these grave markers is versatile in that they provide a more prominent display of information about your departed loved one.

Your choice of gravestone can also be according to material, with most models using granite, marble, stone, and wood. When it is time to lay your loved one to rest, a custom-made grave marker is what remains to remind you of where they lay. So, choose one that best suits your preference as you lay them to rest.